Insulaire (avant l'orage), 2016.
Piece for 1 person 170cm tall.
Velvet, cotton.
520 x 520 cm.
With the help of Julia Richert-Lebon.
Production : CIAP.
Centre international d'art et du paysage de l'île de Vassivère (FR).
Inspired by the scientific diagrams of the visual field, Insulaire (avant l'orage) is displayed as a drawing on the floor. It captures the colour of a stormy sky, translated into velvet sections which create shiny and unpredictable effects as we gradually skirt it. If we stand in the middle, we could open our mind to this sketch horizon. Insulaire is also wear as a cape by a character, as he brings the sky on his shoulders, acquiring the ability to change the state of an inanimate object into a vibrant finery.