Eclipse, 2015 - 2018.
Tableau for a camera.
4 minutes video.
Images : Gerald Petit.
Post production : Ignasi Rubio.
With the help of ENSBA Lyon.
Day of the eclipse. I remember never face the sun, don’t look at the sun. And still, crazy desire to look at him, once and for all. Eyes straight on him. Irresistible necessity of being dazzled, blinded. Challenge of the eye in the heavenly body, attack against the eye, burned. Find way to face him. Filters. Look at him on the camera screen. White hole. Brilliant disc. White hole. Then disappearance. Sliding. Furtive crescent of fire. Crescent of decomposed light. Colored spectra. Everything freezes, everything gets silence, different silence from ordinary silences, earth light different from the earth light.
Grey, black, blue.
Dark misty veil blocking my view.
Then darkness.
No more sound, no more breath, no more whistling of bird. Perfect immobility. At the moment, do our feelings stop too?

Eclipse is a 4min contact or light touch between a camera and 5 characters. It is a tableau vivant written for the camera. It is like a dance between the mechanical eye of the camera turning around the 5 other characters. Something at the same time mechanical and sensual. The camera is like a character, who takes on body through the shadow on the wall, to the difficulty sometimes to find the focus, creating blur, and through the light diffraction in the optical lens. At the same time 2 artificial voices are describing a solar eclipse, pointing the specific light, the specific silence, as if everything was suspended, the breath, motions or even time. And what if feelings were suspended too?